Dining at The Terrace – superb food with service to match!

I think as you get older, you of course deal with more and more special occasions and milestones in the lives of those on your life who are important to you!  As was the case on Saturday night when we headed into Perth to celebrate our dear friend Robbie’s 50th birthday with a delightful dinner at The Terrace restaurant.

This is a time of year that is filled with so many different functions, events and such that venues around Perth fill up with bookings really early and The Terrace on Saturday night was no different.  The restaurant was filled with a group and the back bar was also filled with another group.  That left us sitting out in the front outside with a cool breeze blowing.

But this was just a minor thing because on reflection the level of service and the food outshone the fact that we were sitting outside and the fact that it took so long for our main course to arrive as we did no order in time to get in before the large group inside.

I think one thing that could have happened would have been for one of our service staff to let us know that the main group was ordering and that if we wanted to be served before them that we needed to have our order in earlier. Just a thought.

Other than that little hiccup the service that we received was first rate and the food more than made up for the fact that we had to wait 45 minutes in between entrée and main course but having great company made for a really lovely night so it was not too annoying.

So to the menu and the food we chose for our dinning delights!

Robbie and Rod enjoyed Peroni Beer for the night and we ordered a great bottle of German Pinot Gris from Villa Wolf which was a delightful choice for our meal.  It was a clear, bright pale straw colour and had a complex nose that displayed a honeyed fruit perfume and was a little more complex than the local Pinot Gris that we have recently been enjoying.

The menu is by no means extensive but there is a great selection of different dishes to choose from and we all decided that we would just have 2 courses and save dessert for another visit.

Robbie and I chose the beetroot, spinach & walnut goat’s cheese tart that was served with a balsamic reduction and a petite salad.  We both agreed that this was a delightful dish to start our meal.  The pastry was crumbly and light which complimented the beetroot and goat’s chees filling perfectly and the balsamic reduction added yet another element to the dish.


Rodney loved the crab & cured salmon roulade that was served with  goat’s curd, watercress and yuzu foam.  He thought it was filled with a rich taste that allowed for both the crab and the salmon flavours to come to the fore.  I am not a fan of the foam phenomenon that seems to be happening in so many restaurants at the moment…yes  I know you can create some really intense flavours but I always fine it hard to eat and it really does not had much to a dish in my mind…can look funky but not my style.


Trevor chose the soup of the day which was a cream of mushroom soup infused with Margaret River truffles and served with a toasted baguette.  It was full of flavour and rich and creamy, the addition of the truffle gave the dish that extra edge that took it from just being a cream  of mushroom soup to a new level.  It was sophisticated and tasty.


Then it was time for the main courses and here we all chose different dishes and not one of us was disappointed with what we chose.

Rodney had the fresh grilled salmon that was served with  confit potato, fennel, orange & radicchio salad.  It was a perfect spring/summer dish, fresh light and the fennel, orange and radicchio salad was the perfect dish to serve with it.



Robbie had the 200gm Black Angus beef tenderloin that was served on a bed of pommes purée and served along side it were baby carrots, scorched cherry tomatoes and a red wine jus.  The beef was cooked medium rare as ordered and the red wine jus was just subtle enough to take away any of the full flavour of the beef.  This was the perfect dish for a real meat lover.


I ordered the pork belly confit served with pork  crackle, spiced prunes, apple purée, celeriac remoulade and an  aged port reduction.  This dish was truly inspirational, full of flavour, rich and delicious.  The pork was cooked perfectly and the addition of the spiced prunes and apple puree was a nod to the old style way that I remember having pork when I was growing up but with the addition of the celeriac remoulade added another dimension to the dish and worked really well with it.



To round out the main courses Trevor ordered the butternut squash risotto served with  pine nuts, confit truss tomatoes, baby spinach and vino cotto.  This was a subtle flavourful dish that was cooked just the way a risotto should be cooked; al dente and the addition of the truss tomatoes added another fresh flavour to the mix.


We chose three side dishes to go with the main courses and each one was a nice addition to the meal.  There was the thyme roasted mushrooms, the sautéed greens and the confit potatoes,served with rosemary salt.

This was a nice night to celebrate an important birthday and if the food had come out a little quicker it would have been the perfect night.


Open from 6:30 a.m Monday to Friday and 7:30 a.m Saturday and Sunday.

The Terrace Hotel Perth is located at:
237 St Georges Terrace
Perth WA 6000

Phone | +61 8 9214 4444

Restaurant Enquiries | restaurant@terraceperth.com.au
Function Enquiries | functions@terraceperth.com.au
Media Enquiries | marketing@terraceperth.com.au

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