Our life journey and the importance of accepting our pathways.


I have always been one to ponder in those times when I have been able to just sit and ‘be’ about my life journey and the directions that it takes and the wonderful people that come into my life on a regular basis.

I suppose this posturing and thinking has come about because we are approaching the end of yet another year and the festive season is in full swing and I often spend time reflecting on the year that is drawing to and end and looking back on the lessons that I have learnt over that time.  As I said in my last post the year has been one filled with the good, the bad and everything in between.

Remaining focussed on the positive and the amazing things that you can achieve are such important aspects of my being and who I am.  I always attempt to look for the good, even when at this time of the year I am getting exhausted and a bit over some parts of the year but in saying that I also focus on the wonder, the delight and the brilliance of the days ahead and moving towards them.


Reflecting on what has been and the life lessons learnt is important but it is also vital to look forwards towards what is in front of you and embracing that with open arms.  The people that come into our lives do so for a reason – to teach us important things about us and this journey that we are on.  We have the chance through this learning to become better people and to really focus on what is important for each of us.  We all have different aspirations and dreams and need to focus on achieving them.

I am constantly reminded of the beauty that surrounds me and the delight to be had in the simplest things, like a fresh cut flower or the smile across the room from someone special in your life.  These things fill my heart with joy and allow me to stay grounded in the now.

Sometimes this is not possible. there are dark days that make looking for and seeing the positives a real challenge but it is okay at these times to reach out to someone close to you and ask for their assistance…it can be as simple as sitting and having a coffee together, giving a hug or just being with that person.  We can all work together and support, care and love each other and try to make a difference for our own lives and for the lives of the people who are important to us.

So join me on the journey as we all aim to be the best that we can be! Embrace, be, enjoy, delight and celebrate the passion of your life!Qunci Villas Senggigi

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