Rick Owens Milan 2015 Autumn Collection – controversy but what about the fashion?

I find it really interesting in the world of fashion that we so often send women down the catwalk in next to nothing and it creates no ripples amongst those of us who regularly write about fashion but send down men with flashes of penis here and there and it makes news around the world.

Is it that double standard that we find in most media, where the nudity of women is taken for granted and so often objectified but when we see more of men on the catwalk or in film that we get outraged, titillated and amused?

Is it because there is so much more to consider when thinking about a man’s penis and testicles than looking at the naked body of a woman.  With women it is about the shape of the breasts and the size because when they are onscreen or on a catwalk vagina on show is not going to have as much impact, so to speak as a penis will.



So here are the shots that got the media in a frenzy!

We seem to be very comfortable with the nudity of women but not so much with men and so when Rick Owens sent his latest menswear collection down the runway he pushed the boundaries right out there by having cutouts, and high cut outfits on some of his models that allowed for a clear visual of their penises.

This is what has caused all of the controversy and comments and also made it onto just about every gay site around the world and for Rick Owens what it is doing is bringing his latest collection to a much larger audience that would have potentially seen it if the models were not naked under the outfits.  Is it a clever marketing tool to get media for the collection or part of his vision for this latest range.  You would have to admit that these are not outfits that most men would be comfortable wearing to head out to dinner on a Saturday night and I cannot really see any A list celebrities walking the red carpet with their penises hanging out.

But what we need to do when we look at this latest collection is try and move away from the headline grabbing penises and focus on the fashion that has been presented here.












The whole range is not just about showing off a models penis but a series of outfits that each tell their own individual story and bring together some stunning tailoring, style and substance as well.  There were some delightful jackets that were not just your usual fitted, tailored look but had a more free flowing design.  The colour palette was muted, like many of the other autumn collections and concentrated on blacks, greys, browns and beige with the occasional splash of colour.

If you follow my posts you will know that I love free flowing, gender neutral fashion for men and Rick Owens delivered many pieces that would work just as well on women as they did on the men on the catwalk.




The leggings and trousers were tight and skinny and even layered, with boots that were eminently wearable.  For me this collection was all about the jackets, tops, shirts and how they each had their own unique look and feel to them.  There was the long flowing jackets, the more tapered, tailored jackets, the large buttons and the tops that would look great thrown over a shirt.







The outfits that caused the biggest stir with the high cut pieces or the ones with the cut outs so you could see the models penis would still work for the fashion forward thinking man when warn with a simple pair of leggings or skinny pants.

Rick Owens once again made a bold statement and as you can see from these pictures, for me the collection was a triumph and he was able to get away with something no other designer has done before…Bravo!

20150122-The-Blogazine-Paris-Fashion-Week-Coats-01 rick-owens-fall-2015-men-backstage14 rick-owens-fall-winter-2015-collection-08-320x480 Rick-Owens-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-001-800x1204 Rick-Owens-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-003-800x1203 Rick-Owens-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-004-800x1203 Rick-Owens-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-005-800x1203 Rick-Owens-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-007-800x1204 Rick-Owens-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-008-800x1204 Rick-Owens-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-012-800x1204  Rick-Owens-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-014-800x1204Rick-Owens-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-029-800x1204  Rick-Owens-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-030-800x1204 Rick-Owens-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-031-800x1204 Rick-Owens-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-032-800x1204 Rick-Owens-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-033-800x1204 Rick-Owens-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-034-800x1204 Rick-Owens-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-035-800x1204 Rick-Owens-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-036-800x1204 Rick-Owens-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-037-800x1204 Rick-Owens-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-038-800x1204 Rick-Owens-Fall-Winter-2015-Menswear-Collection-Paris-Fashion-Week-039-800x1203

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