A return to Bali – two weeks of rest, relaxation and fine dining!

It has been a couple of weeks since I last had the chance to post but here I am back on my computer getting ready to share my latest travel odyssey with you!  It was just a couple of weeks ago that we were in KL. Singapore and Phuket and then back home for a brief respite before we headed to Bali for another break!

Yes they were both very close to each other, but they were not planned that way it just happened that different things came up and gave us the option to go away close together…and it was so nice to just come home for a week, work, catch up and then get on a plane again and head off once again!

This time it was two very different weeks that had challenges (a passport found with only 2 months left on it a day before the flights) but was overall a first week filled with children and grandchildren and then a second week of relaxing and searching out some of the best dining options in Seminyak since our last trip 18 months ago.


Our gorgeous youngest grandson after we arrived in Bali.

In the coming days I will  share with you the amazing food, cocktails, and the way that Bali is coming into its own in terms of offering some truly wonderful dining experiences but the first week was for us all about having time by the pool with our daughter, son in law and our three (soon to be four) grandchildren and just having some quality family time.

As I mentioned earlier we discovered that the day before we headed off that one of the passports was close to being out of date and did not have the requisite 6 months validity that would allow travel and this forced our daughter and eldest grandson to have to stay behind and miss the first two days getting a new passport.

The question that came up with a number of people that we inevitably had discussions about the passport was why do we pay for a passport for 5 or 10 years but are not able to use it for the last 6 months that it is valid – does not really make sense…so we are actually paying for a passport for 4 and half or 9 and a half years and not 5 or 10…

Whilst this was a great inconvenience for them and we had tears and hassles it was also a wonderful two days with our youngest grandsons and our son in law and whilst we would have loved to have all of us there from the beginning I always like to look for some good things in a bad situation.


Dinner time with our other two boys…

We stayed over in Nusa Dua at the Novotel Resort and Spa and this was just the perfect place to be with a family with young kids as it was all about the pool, playing, exploring and having fun!  That is not to say we did not still do an occasional trip into Legian for some shopping and the requisite trip to Waterbom Park for a day but really most of the time was spent in Nusa Dua and enjoying what was on offer there.



Waterbom with the family…

We also got to have Trevor’s birthday whilst we were there and that was a great night for all of us!


The birthday boy!

The one negative of course for Nusa Dua is that the prices are just a little more expensive than the rest of Bali but for peace of mind and a quiet location that is great for kids I can’t recommend it enough.

Now that the great new bridge has been opened for 18 months it means that getting over to Legian and Seminyak is much quicker than ever before but a tip if you have a driver you are paying, unless you have negotiated before they will not automatically take the new bridge, so make sure they are going to and offer to pay the $1 toll as you will get to your desired destination much quicker.


Sate campur!


Seafood Sates…


Fabulous fresh seafood!

Bali is ever evolving and there are always new and interesting things to see and do, with new fashion labels opening their doors to some great new restaurants coming into being whilst some of course are not surviving…but it makes for some great new dining experiences which I will share with you in a few days when I get the chance to sit down again and write about my top 5 dining choices in Seminyak!

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