Marraige Equality – what will happen next here in Australia???????

At STYLEAID GO GO 2015 this year the team did something a little different to share with those in the audience an issue that is close to their hearts – the issue of marriage equality. As a strong supporter and advocate of marriage equality I thought I would share it with you as well…

You can check out the DVD that was produced by clicking on the link below…mqdefault

With the referendum in Ireland this year and the Supreme Court in America allowing same-sex marriage, it was timely to show support for this fundamental right for the gay and lesbian community.

This ‘Love Is Love’ message was compiled of STYLEAID supporters and participants including committee members, event sponsors, volunteers and models from across the globe and was shared with the STYLEAID audience on July 31, 2015.

Since 2001, 21 countries have legalized same-sex marriage, affording full recognition and rights to couples entering into them.

With a large proportion of the Australian population now in favour of same-sex marriage, the time is now to take the step and embrace the will of the people and make marriage equal for everyone in the country.

The time is now!  I wonder if as our newly installed Malcom Turnball with have the courage to defy the right wing minority in his party and allow a free and fair vote in parliament or if we will bow to this small band of older, middle aged white heterosexual men and put it to a plebiscite and cost the Australian taxpayer over $148 million!

It has always been my understanding that we elect our politicians to make decisions for the people of the country and to also listen to the electorate and change policies.  Or will we now have a plebiscite for every decision that the government wants to make…perhaps it is time for all of us to have a say on all issues that the government wants to consider passing legislation on…can you imagine…what a ridiculous thought!  Time for our Federal government to grow a set and finally bring Australia into line with the rest of the developed world and recognise marriage equality and allow those in our community who want to marry to have the opportunity to do so!

The time is right now!!!!

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