Another weekend another awards show and more best and worst dressed!

This time it was the Screen Actors Guild Awards and as the pre cursor for the Academy Awards the expectation is high that those attending will push the envelope with their fashion and they certainly did not disappoint.

But there were some real free falls from a couple of actors who you would normally find on the Best dressed list.

Some of the stars were flawless and others just missed the mark.  There was the usual show of risk takers and also others who were safe with their choices but still looked amazing.

When you know what works for you, sometimes it is better to go with that than to risk the critiques that generally follow a look that those of us commenting on the shows are not used to.

That is not to say that the risk takers will not be rewarded with a place on the best dressed list – it does happen and there are some stars who are always pushing the envelope with their clothing choices on the red carpet.

There are not many men who make the lists as it is really hard to go wrong with a tux or a three piece suit but there have been some exceptions.  Idris Alba always looks dashing and sets the scene for men on the red carpet and has done for the past couple of  years.

Now to my hits and misses from the SAG Awards for this year:

My 7 best dressed


Laverne Cox showed her usual style in this stunning Prabal Gurung Grecian Inspired gown.  Add to that the stunning hair and make up and just the right choice in terms of accessories and she once again proved why she is queen of the red carpet!


Viola Davis looked divine in this Zac Posen gown that showed off her curves and with the wrist cuff and clutch made for a stunning red carpet entrance for the star of “How to get away with Murder” who went on to pick up the SAG for Best Performance by an Actress in a Television Drama.


Fresh from her starring role in “The Danish Girl” Alicia Vikander stood out in this stunning sequined Louis Vuitton dress that had some underwhelmed but I thought it was a real stand out.  She looked confident, sexy and sassy as she strolled the red carpet.


Sofia Vegara looked stunning as always in this custom made Vera Wang…she was as usually perfect in every way! Hair was stunning, makeup flawless and a necklace that just added a touch of drama.


Brie Larson chose a light blue Versace dress that was simple and elegant whilst still allowing for a strong statement on the red carpet. With simple hair and make up this was another red carpet hit.


Anna Faris was stunning in this Naeem Khan gown that came alive as she made her way in red down the red carpet.  It was a stunning choice and she was refined and elegant with every move.


Rounding out my top looks for the night was Rachel McAdams who was resplendent in A black lace Ellie Saab dress that swished with grace down the red carpet and was another stand out of the night.  It was dramatic and simply gorgeous.

And now for the 3 worst dressed this year:


Oh Nicole, what were you thinking?  This is the first time for me putting Nicole Kidman on the worst dressed list but this dress was just a huge mistake!  It was a Gucci gown that just looked terrible on her.  It did not seem to sit properly and she looked more like a country singer than Hollywood royalty. At least the hair and make up were stunning!


Eva Longoria was another star who I usually love but this year I was completely underwhelmed with this choice of a Julien McDonald green dress that plunged dramatically and certainly showed off her stunning figure but really looked like a mess.


Christina Hendricks donned a nude Christian Siriano down that was all wrong for her.  I usually love Christian’s gowns on the red carpet but this one just seemed to be wrong on so many levels.  It just did not suit Christina at all and was creased and crumpled which is not something that you are wanting at the start of the night.  It did nothing to compliment her stunning figure and was a disappointment.

So there you have it…there were of course many other stunning looks and many others who missed the mark, but these were the ones that really stood out for me.

Now it is onto the Academy Awards at the end of February!

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