VARQ – an Indian delight

In a night that started with the cancellation of a Fringe World show, ended in trying out a new restaurant on our way home that we had been meaning to get to for a number of months.

VARQ serves some of the best Indian food that I have had for a long time and they serve it with a contemporary twist.  But it nearly did not happen. It was one of those stinking hot days and I was hesitant to have Indian food and when we entered and sat down the wine we ordered was out of stock.  Not a fabulous start but from then on the evening was a memorable one because the service was great and the food was simply stunning.

Located on Cambridge Street in Wembley just down from the Stanley WineBar this spot has had a number of different restaurants in it over the past few years and I hope that more people get to VARQ because it really is worth a visit.

It is well appointed and designed and the ambiance is fabulous and I loved the Indian music playing in the background that set the scene perfectly, without being over powering.

The menu is extensive and really interesting with things that you expect from an Indian restaurant and things that you don’t.  There was a great selection to chose from and we went light and easy and enjoyed all of it.

We started with the mixed bread basket which featured a selection of Indian breads with chutneys that were simply divine.  I especially loved the Naan filled with coconut it was so tasty and different to any other Naan I had had before.  We matched this with the tandoori broccoli – Clay oven-roasted broccoli with cheese, yoghurt and spices and what a sensational dish this was.  The brocoli was sweet, succulent and with the addition of the cheese and yoghurt was simple but full of flavour and cooked to perfection.

For our main course we decided on the share plate for two of the tandoori non vegatarian platter. This included selection of lahsuni tikka, tandoori prawns, lamb seekh kebabs and lamb cutlets.  Again another triumph full of flavors and although at times previously I have found tandoori food to be quite dry each of these dishes was cooked perfectly.

The tandoori prawns were a real highlight.  They were large, lush and full of tandoori flavors that still allowed for the prawn flavor to shine through – stunning.

This is a fabulous find and is definitely a spot that will we return to again.  Now if they could ensure that all of the wines were in stock it would make for a perfect evening for us.

VARQ Restaurant

284 Cambridge St,

Wembley, WA 6014

08 6361 1160




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