The Cafe at Mulia Bali – buffet brilliance!

Another March and another trip with the family to Bali is over and on reflection there was once again some great highlights with food as Bali continues to grow and thrive with its fine dinning offerings.

That is not to say that all of this comes cheap…some of the great places to eat have now matched Perth prices and I have heard some people start to complain that Bali is pricing itself too high these days.

There are also issues about with terror alerts and the potential for new anti-gay legislation being talked about that could really stop people from travelling to this amazing oasis that after all is only just over 3 hours from Perth.

Putting all of these things aside for the moment there was one real standout on this trip and it was a return visit to one of the  most well appointed, gorgeous hotels in the Nusa Dua area that offers one of the best buffet lunches that I have ever experienced.

We first had a chance to experience the buffet 2 years ago when we were taken to Mulia by our hosts at Zen4Men, Finbar and Cam as a celebration lunch for Fins birthday.  It was stunning then and it has not lost any of its allure.

From the moment you arrive to the moment you depart the staff are professional, courteous, polite and keen to look after your every need without being too in your face. It is one of those places where your plates are cleared with the minimum of fuss and the water glasses filled without you actually noticing.

Then there is the price – $39 AUD per person and when you add taxes it takes it up to about $45 per person and on the day we visited they had a promotion where one persons meal was free so for the 5 of us that dined it made it a really great lunch price.

The wine list is also great but as with anywhere in Bali if you want to consume wine be prepared to pay for it.  There were wines sourced from all over the world but the prices were what we expected – anywhere from about $80 AUD up to $300 AUD per bottle.

Cocktails and other drink options were all reasonably priced, another given for Bali and the Mulia has put their own spin on the ‘other’ drinks that they offer.

This time we went with our daughter, son-in-law and eldest grandson and they all agreed that the Mulia was stunning and the lunch was a memorable one.

I think one of the things that really stands out for me is the fact that the dishes are all prepared fresh and on the spot so you do not experience many dishes that have been sitting in a bane marie for 2 or 3 hours and the food is of the very best quality and simply full of flavour.

Each cooking theatre serves food from different locales or is based around a food type, such as the amazing fresh seafood area that sits alongside some of the freshest sushimi that I have ever had and the plumpest fresh oysters!

Then there is the fresh pasta bar, the traditional Indonesian area, the Indian area, the Chinese area and the French influenced food bar that served stunning fillet steak and the most wonderful creamy risotto that I have ever had.

And then the piece de resistance is of course the 2 rooms of deserts that the minute you walk past fill your nostrils with the most heavenly sweet aromas.  There were over 50 different options here from the fresh made ice creams and sorbets to the hand made chocolates, mousses, cakes, chocolate dipping fountain and so much more. If you have a sweet tooth you really need to pace the rest of the meal so that you have enough room to do this area justice as it is like all of the rest of the offerings just a real delight.

We all had our own favorites on the day from fresh pasta to the delightful Naan bread and the crispy duck and the Indonesian pork belly.  There are just so many delightful dishes that this is a buffet that you should try if you are heading to Bali any time soon.

It really is one of the best buffets that I have ever encountered and add to that the stunning location of the hotel and the grounds and you are sure to be delighted.

I should also just mention all of the stunning Easter sugar art that was in the cafe and also in the stunning Mulia downstairs bakery…they were real works of art!

The Cafe at the Mulia Hotel

Lunch 12 midday – 3pm 7 days

Mulia Resort – Nusa Dua Bali

Jl. Raya Nusa Dua Selatan Kawasan Sawangan, Nusa Dua Bali, Indonesia 80363

Direct Number: +62 361 3017777


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