The SHE Project – structural fashion through the ages

With reference to architecture, fashion and art; Ishara Jayakody and Sarina Menzies invite you to SHE…


This was the invitation that greeted me and enticed me to head to this delightfully innovative event that saw a range of amazing and interesting fashion hit the runway to celebrate wearable art couture.

The event was held in Brookfield Place in Tower 1 and was the perfect location for a slick runway show that perfectly showcased what these creative designers had put together with an amazing array of different elements to make each outfit presented a stand alone piece of wearable art.

The night was also a fundraiser for Zonta House Refuge and it was so great to see the designers so actively support the amazing work that this refuge is doing with women in our community that need their support and care.

The evening was hosted by the fantastic Ann Farren from Curtin University and an incredible designer in her own right, who introduced the night and then introduced inspirational speaker Sharon Warburton who put the night into perspective by putting the role of inspirational women into focus.

Then it was time for the fashion to hit the runway and what a spectacle it was.

With each piece being distinctive and being created out of a range of very different elements including glass, mirrors, plastic bags, fabric, silks, hand dyed fabrics, egg shells, feathers and much more; each piece stood out and told a story all by itself.

Each piece represented a different era and each piece drew on inspiration from that era to represent women from that era.

Both Sarina and Ishara did an amazing job in putting together each piece and present a fluid, exciting parade that all in the audience enjoyed.

I will be interested to see how they follow this exciting debut!

Congratulations for both of them taking the time to do something a little different on the Perth Landscape and for also supporting the great work that is done at Zonta House. They raised over $1400 on the night.


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