Grouch and Co – Coffee excellence with heart!

Well as you may or may not know I am a bit of a north of the river kind of guy and when I was recently invited to check out a new coffee company I found myself heading down the freeway to Myaree.

When I pulled up to the large doors and wandered in I was immediately taken by the funky decor and the aromas of freshly brewing coffee which always get me!

To say that the coffee here is amazing would really be an understatement because quite frankly it is the best coffee I have ever had in Perth!  The full flavor of the coffee and the balance of the filtered water that they use make this exceptional.

I wanted to find out more about the processes that they use and some of the story behind the brand and so sat down to chat with Renata Taylor the owner to find out some more about who they are and what they are setting out to achieve.

“We think coffee is the fucking ducks nuts. Roasting with integrity sounds like wank but it’s about working with the bean to extract its optimal flavor profile – not changing it into something it was never destined to be,” she explained.

“We source our green beans from single origins from around the world with a focus on sustainable and ethical practices. We love to support those who give back to their communities, so maintaining relationships with those who direct trade (where direct trade is unachievable for us), is integral. We want to know who we are buying from and how it gets to us, to enable full transparency throughout the process. We reckon this makes our coffee taste better.”

“We roast everything in house. We taste everything that we roast. When we cup we are looking for faults, inconsistencies and flavor profiles. This is done as a team, so we all learn to train our palates and understand the roasting process.”


I just loved the fact that they actively source their beans ethically and seek out to purchase from communities and businesses that work within those communities, ensuring that children are not used in the picking process, that women are paid an appropriate wage and that the community benefits on all levels, including working with women run co-ops.

This practice is so strong within Grouch and Co you feel like just by purchasing a coffee you are supporting other communities around the globe and ensuring that ethical practices are followed.  With more coffee roasters taking this route when sourcing coffee beans, (and if they are not, surely they should be!)  surely change can start to happen in some of those countries that do not yet treat their workers humanely and with some sense of dignity.

The fact that Renata and the team will only work within this model needs to be applauded!

Each and every member of the team at Grouch really ‘get’ coffee and are so proud of every cup that they produce and this is evident from the moment you enter.  The passion is strong and the coffee is excellent.

They work as a specialty small batch coffee roaster and use the best technology, equipment and techniques to bring out the unique profile in every bean and it is apparent in the end product.

The strong sense that the way forward for them is with specialty coffee, where farmers and producers get fair payment for  the crops that they work so hard to produce to benefit both the families and communities and to have money to reinvest into new and improved farming practices.

Of course, as with all specialty coffee they have a signature blend which they have named ‘Sparky’ which is made up of the best of the current seasons crop that is designed to be used in milk based coffee.  This coffee is sourced from Colombia, Rwanda and Panama.

Now if black coffee is your thing then Diamond Mule is the perfect blend for you!  This is the coffee that I had and it was simply the best.  Sourced from Ethiopian Guji, Ethioian Kolowa and Brzilian Santa Isabelle this is coffee at its best.

The other blend is the luxe decaf known as 2Faced.  This is a single origin, water processed Mexican blend.  Not being a decaf coffee drinker this is not one that I have tasted but I have no doubt if it would not be fantastic because it is pretty obvious that at Grouch and Co only perfect blends are accepted!

Oh and did I mention that they recently took out one of the top prizes in Australia’s only coffee-roasting competition?grouch

So if you are ever in the area, or want to head down the freeway for what really is the best coffee in Perth then this is where you need to head.  This is simply irresistible coffee that also has the best type of back story – ethics, pride, determination and a passion for bringing the best coffee to Perth and also supporting families and communities in the process!

Grouch & Co Pty Ltd
Unit 1/45 McCoy Street
Myaree, Western Australia

Trading hours:

Monday to Friday – 6.30am – 3.00pm

Saturday                  – 8.00am – 12.00 noon

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