STYLEAID – fashion fundraising takes to the runway!


Here we are just over 4 weeks away getting ready for what has evolved over the past 18 years into being one of the most highly anticipated group runway shows in Perth that comes with a very big heart.

Whilst showcasing the most expansive Spring/Summer designer runway show, it is also raises funds for the work of the WA AIDS Council.  This year serious fashionistas from all over Perth will gather in the newly renovated Crown Grand Ballroom to be privy to some of the most exciting new collections from a range of the best designers.

This year guests will be able to see collections from Ae’lkemi, Chalice, HoodedWept, Jonte, Kinn, Monster Alphabets, One Fell Swoop, Salasai, Wild Horses, Yuuki, Zhivago and the STYLEAID ZOMP Creative Designer – Elle Campbell, STYLEAID Brand New Designer Award Presented by The Studio – Stasera, as well as retailer Varga Girl.



This is one of the strongest line ups to take to the runway and with the addition of the new brand new designer award will see the promotion and cultivation of new designers continue.  STYLEAID has been at the forefront of supporting new designers who are entering into the Perth fashion landscape for over 10 years and  they have always been strong supporters of all that is great about fashion here in WA!

HoodedWept, Kinn & Yuuki

The heart and soul of STYLEAID is the dedicated committee who work each year to put the event together and working along side them is the amazing sponsors, hair and make up teams, volunteers and all of the other people involved in making STYLEAID a night to remember.  It is of course all about raising funds for the work of the Council and is the number 1 fundraising event that the Council does every year.

This year the theme is TAROT and from everything that I know it promises to be a night filled with new elements and all of the things that guests have grown to love over the past 18 years.

As the Event Manager for the event I am privy to all the discussions and decisions that are made about it and the excitement in the committee about what the night will hold is particularly high this  year.

An event like this is not possible with out an incredible number of sponsors and each of those involved do so to support not only the event but also the work of the WA AIDS Council, because even in 2016 there is still so much more education work needed to be done, as well as starting and continuing dialogue around treatment as prevention, PrEP and the stigma and discrimination that people with HIV still face in 2016.

Each person that donates their time, attends the event or becomes involved as a sponsor is making a difference to the lives of people with HIV and to also impact and support the work of the WA AIDS Council in 2016.

I have been signing off proposals, letters and posts with “Until There’s A Cure!” and it is still just as important today as it was when I first started saying in over 15 years ago.

We need to stay focused on ensuring the work continues to find a cure and that we educate, inform and engage each other in an epidemic that is still important in 2016.  We might not be seeing the deaths, here in WA that we used to see but the impact is still significant for both those newly diagnosed and those who have been living long term with an HIV diagnosis.

So lets come together on Friday August 5 and celebrate all that is sexy, sassy and fabulous about Western Australian fashion whilst still also remembering that the fight is not over and we still have much to achieve.

Jonte, One Fell Swoop & Zhivago

For more information about the event, designers and also tickets for the night head over the the STYLEAID website at





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