Perth International Queer Film Festival

In my position I get lots of opportunities to be involved with and develop new initiatives and in the past 21 years of working at WAAC I have been involved with quite a few.

I am really excited to this year be working on a new initiative – the first Perth International Queer Film Festival!  After having discussions earlier this year about new ways to not only raise funds but to connect with the community that we work with closely I thought it would be a great idea to look into the possibility of putting on a film festival.

This is something that has been on my mind for a few years now and so this September will see it actually happen.  First up it was all about securing a venue, looking at films, doing costs, project plans, getting support and approval and then also working out all of the other logistics of putting something like this together.

I had been fortunate over the past couple of years to have worked with Ian Hale from the Backlot Perth and Sian from Buzz Marketing on providing a private screening prize for STYLEAID and so was keen to engage with them about whether the 50 seat Backlot Perth would be the right location to begin a Queer Film Festival at.

They were both incredibly keen and supportive and the fit just seemed right!  I was aware that in the current climate, that putting on a first time festival with 30 films in a large cinema bought with it lots of funding challenges and that to put the first year on in a small cinema over 1 week and featuring just 7 movies would be the right way to see if their was community support for this type of Festival here in Perth.

I got some great guidance from Ian and also from Spiro from the Melbourne Queer Film Festival who advised to start small and get an audience interested in the festival before reaching for the stars and then not being able to get a return for the charity.

Shots from opening night film Jonathan

So here I sit on the cusp of releasing the 350 tickets that will be available for the Festival and I am excited, apprehensive and thrilled to have been able to put all of the work into making the Festival begin to come alive.

I have been really lucky to have secured 7 films that have yet to be screened in Perth, 4 of which have never been screened in Australia and the opening night film which has only been shown in 1 film festival to date because it was only completed in May this year!

So from the 9th – 15th of September you will be able to head to the Backlot Perth to see one, two or all of the films that will be shown over the week…but you will have to get in early I hope to secure your tickets.


If you head to the PIQ Film Festival Facebook page from 9 am tomorrow (Thursday 21 July 2016) you will be able to hit the link and purchase tickets to come along and see some really interesting, entertaining, controversial and fun Queer Cinema.

The films showing this year include: Jonathan from Germany (making its Australian Debut and opening the festival), Daddy from the US, Boys from the Netherlands, Portrait of a Serial Monogamist from the US, While you weren’t looking from South Africa, Those People from the US and Like Cattle Towards Glow from France.

Each one brings a different narrative and style to the screen and I just know that you will love some, talk about others and above all get to take part in the inaugural Perth International Queer Film Festival.




THOSE PEOPLE – Closing night Film

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