Travel notes from the perpetual traveler.

I had envisioned that I would have by now spent many hours putting together my thoughts, experiences, highs and lows from my recent trip to Canada and the US and shared with you all of the amazing things that we saw and did on the trip.

Who was to guess that things would be thrown into a bit of chaos with the unexpected death of my gorgeous Mum.

We had already been away for 8 weeks when we received the news that my Mum was not well and after speaking to her doctor had her transferred to hospital.  She then recovered a day later and we thought all was good and we could continue with the final 12 days of our trip but she then took a turn for the worse and the prognosis was not a good one and so we quickly found flights and got home as fast as we could.

Unfortunately for us in between LA and landing in Melbourne my darling Mum passed away but I take solace in the fact that I had the chance to talk to her on facetime and tell her just how much I loved her one last time.

I suppose it is one of those things that when you having aging parents does happen and we were ready to head home if this eventuated and so home we came.  But I do not want to dwell at present on what the last four weeks have been like because I wanted to share with you some of the trip and the most fantastic things that we got up to.

I will get around to doing a post in the coming weeks about my Mum as I find writing about her to be quite cathartic and I will just finish this part of this post feeling blessed to have had her living near us in Perth for the past couple of years!

Now to the trip that we had been planning for the past couple of years. Well talking, planning, booking, changing, planning and then finally getting into our business class seats as we headed off to Vancouver via Sydney for what would really be one of those memorable holidays!

Being in Perth we broke the start of the trip up with an overnighter in Sydney to give us some chill out time before we hit the long haul flight to San Francisco and then our connecting flight to Vancouver.  I think the delight of a lay flat seat, pajamas and all those extra comforts of business class made the flight so much more enjoyable and ensured that when we arrived in Vancouver we really were not as exhausted as we have been when we have flown to the US in economy.

This was the first time that we had been in Canada and was one of those destinations that we had talked about for such a long time and had finally had the chance to get to.  For this trip we did a range of Airbnb accommodation and hotels in the many places we went too, and of course a fabulous cabin aboard the Celebrity Infinity for our cruise to Alaska.

I just want to focus this post on Vancouver which really is such a beautiful city and  is one of those cities that I could so easily live in (if it wasn’t so far from Australia!).

It is well laid out, easy to get around, filled with some amazing walks, bike rides, restaurants, sights to see, ferry rides to take, flights across the city on a water plane and so much more.

For Vancouver we found a great centrally located apartment that had 3 bedrooms, as this part of the trip there was Trevor and I, our great friends Karen and Ken and Karen’s sister Michelle.  The apartment was a great size, had great views from the balcony (we were on the 25th floor) and was in the perfect location to allow us to get around the city and surrounding areas.

We had a full week in Vancouver to allow us all to get used to the time change and to relax a bit before we headed off for our 7 night cruise to Alaska. This was a great way to start to unwind from a full on work year and to really just take stock and enjoy all the Vancouver had to offer.

We had some delightful meals, did some great trips to places like the Capilano Suspension Bridge, the Vancouver Aquarium, Granville island markets, riding all the way around Stanley Park, walking through the Botanical Gardens and a trip just past the suspension bridge to ride the gondola up to Grousse Mountain.

There was just so much to see and do we could easily have had a few more days here.

Each and every thing that we did in Vancouver was fun, interesting and a real delight.  Oh and add to that the fact that the weather was warm and sunny and it was really the perfect way to start the holiday.

When  you head to Vancouver make sure that you take the bus over and explore the Capilano Suspension bridge and park, enjoy the fun of Grousse mountain and hire a bike and spend a few hours cycling around Stanley Park.  These were all highlights in Vancouver and filled the days so well.

Add to that the great restaurants and  you have a perfect city to start a Canadian/US holiday in!

So no more words but photos to share with you of all the stunning sights of Vancouver. Enjoy and look out for more posts on the rest of the trip which will include the cruise to Alaska,, our drive across the Rockies, Quebec, Ottawa, Calgary, Montreal, Toronto,Niagara falls and then our time in the US.


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