The hunt for a great breakfast in Perth continues!

If you are a follower of my posts you will know that over the past couple of years, Trevor and I are always on the look out for a great spot to have breakfast.

In telling times here in Perth it seems that the landscape of cafes is coming and going at a rapid pace.  It almost seems that each week there seems to be a new place opening whilst 3 or 4 close their doors.

There are a couple of things that I need to make me entertain going somewhere more than once and I am a creature of habit, so if all the boxes are ticked then I will become a regular.

Over the past year we have settled into a routine with 3 particular spots and do also occasionally venture into new territory when we want to test a new spot that has cropped up or something changes in one of our current favorites.

The three things that are a must for me when choosing a cafe for breakfast are:

  • good coffee
  • free WiFi
  • good service that is not intrusive.

If you tick those 3 items and you serve a good selection of breakfast food options then you will be a place I love to have breakfast in.

The reason I am putting this post out there is over the past weekend 2 of our regular spots let us know that for very different reasons they would not be there any more.

Every Saturday morning for the past 3 years we have headed to Boho Espresso in Scarborough opposite Observation City.  In that time Donny and his team have given us great coffee, free wifi and some of the best poached eggs on toast.  Add to that the locals who meet and greet each other and you have a great location for breakfast just near the beach.

All that is about to change as Donny is going to be closing the doors after this coming weekend because the disruption that has happened to his business because of all of the redevelopment happening in Scarborough on the foreshore and with the closure of the end of Scarborough Beach Road has meant that his business has seen a massive decrease in people stopping by.  There is no real foot traffic and it is just the regulars that were keeping the doors open.  He is having to let his staff go and is just not bringing in enough money to actually cover costs let alone make any profit.

This is a travesty really, the local Council is not really interested in anyway in supporting any of the businesses that are all suffering (and goodness knows that those that have survived will deal with winter when traffic is even less in the area) from the disruption of all the work going on.

Whilst most people are agreed that the update is necessary and will really add another level to the Scarborough area, no real thought has gone into supporting the local businesses who are all suffering badly from this.

And then we come to our second breakfast spot, FEZ in Mt Lawley,  which we have been heading too for about 5 months and that we fell in love with the first time we went there because, as you would know if you follow my posts, the coffee is some of the best coffee in Perth and we have felt at home there since our first visit.

Sunday Julie, the owner let us know that she had been given on offer to sell the business (even though it was not on the market) and much more than she paid for it and being a switched on business woman it was an offer she could not refuse.

So this coming weekend we lose not 1 but 2 breakfast spots and the hunt is now on for somewhere new to go to.  Whilst Fez is not closing, Julie is one of main reasons for heading to Fez and really adds another dimension to the breakfast experience.

It seems that the rotation of cafes opening and closing continues as we all deal with limited budgets and selecting when and were we spend our hard earned dollars.  Even though we keep getting told that the mining boom fall out is over, I think we are all still being cautious about our spending and so lots of areas of retail are suffering!

If you have any suggestions about a great spot in Perth to head for breakfast on the weekend then please let me know…but do remember my 3 needs for a good breakfast spot!

First world problems but hey the search for some new breakfast locations continues!


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