An Iconic end of an era!

It has been a week since the curtain fell on the final STYLEAID and what a week it has been.

StyleAID 2017 ICON

Every year when the dust settles and sleep has been caught up I reflect on the journey to date and this year it is tinged with both joy and sadness.

Joy because the night was such an amazing look back and celebration of what we have achieved over the past 20 years and also sad because it is the last STYLEAID as we have grown to know and love.

STYLEAID has certainly been on an amazing journey over the past 20 years and in that time the event has managed to raise over $1.6 million for the important work of the WA AIDS Council.

Each year I have been blessed to have been supported internally at the AIDS Council with the most amazing staff and volunteers and with the most talented and hard working STYLEAID Committee who have each year worked to make the event a memorable one!

For the final STYLEAID we moved into the new Crown Ballroom in Crown Towers and it was the most amazing space to put the show together in and gave us more room than we have ever had!

When we were planning the night we wanted to go out on a high and bring back a range of elements from previous years whilst still giving the event the edge that we have become famous in creating.

To start the evening people were greeted with 4 Angel boys in black wings taking centre stage and they were then joined by the incomparable Ali Bodycoat who wowed the audience with the most powerful, scene setting songs that raised the roof and set the mood for the night ahead!

Then there was a parade unlike anything we have done before, featuring 20 ICONIC WA Designers and 20 of the top models in WA.  This was followed by a breathtaking performance from the WA Ballet, a drag performance that hit the right note and got the party started at the end of the night, a DVD that reminded the audience about the impact that HIV still has on peoples lives in 2017 and a memorable finale which saw the committee take a final bow.  We were fortunate to once again have DJ Shaun Sandon close the night of with the best music for the guests to dance to and remember the ICONIC finale!

STYLEAID has been instrumental in supporting not just the work of the AIDS Council but also a range of WA designers, emerging designers and new and established models.  All of these elements have been central to the event.

LUX Events created a mind blowing series of 4 runways with central screens that set the mood and Fox and Rabbit created the most amazing flowers for the front row tables and also created a piece for the entrance to the ballroom that had guests oohing in amazement.

This was a fitting finale for STYLEAID and the feedback has been so fabulous and I am grateful to all those who have been involved in the journey so far.

What’s next, was a question that I got all night – WATCH THIS SPACE is all I can say.

StyleAID 2017 ICON

Thanks to the amazing John Koh for the fabulous photographs xx

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