The Other Side of the Moon – Dining Brilliance @ Pullman Bunker Bay!


The wine barrels beckon

Recently we, along with our friends Ken and Karen spent the weekend at the Pullman and decided to try dinner at the hotel restaurant – The Other Side of the Moon.  We decided that after a day of hitting the sights of Margaret River, exploring the beaches on the coast and doing some great wine tastings and a dinner at the Pullman was in order and the experience did not disappoint.  It was a great evening  and was a very high standard from the time we walked into the restaurant until the end of the meal.

The staff were very friendly (in a very Australian way) but that did not distract from the quality of their service. They were attentive without being intrusive. The only problem was they had no idea how to light a fire.  It was hilarious watching the staff set alight some newspaper and see the fire go out in a minute as the big logs would not catch. But really the service has raised up since our last visit and we could not fault them at all.


Incredible Pork Belly

The food was of a very high standard and we enjoyed the soup of the day, the pork belly and for main course the kangaroo loin (served on mash and thinly sliced beetroot which added a subtle complexity to the dish  . The barramundi was a real highlight and was very tasty and cooked to perfection.

Barra and Kangaroo with divine carrots

I usually only eat two courses at dinner, but the desert menu was so tempting that I ended with creme brûlée which was excellent.  The others on the table enjoyed a stunning champagne pavlova with pineapple and passion fruit which was a real shoe stopper.  The desert chef came out and introduced himself to us.  He gave us a bonus extra serve of macaroons which were scrumptious and are made fresh daily – the pistachio and olive oil were amazing.

The most amazing final courses and the platter is a little treat from the pastry chef from our last night at Pullman Bunker Bay!

I see forum comments on Trip Advisor about the high price here but we  found it to be very good value for a top class meal. If you want to eat cheaply, go to a pizza shop in Dunsborough.  If you want a high standard meal, eat at The Other side of the Moon.

Sites from around the region!




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