Toughen Up Princess!


Here we are on a continuous roll call of arguments, counter-arguments, vile attacks and vitriol as we head to November and the results of the Marriage Equality postal survey that we ‘had’ to have.

And here I sit, following the last few years of discussions about an issue that really does not affect everyone and I find myself beginning to struggle with all of the negative words I see, articles that are printed and negativity that is being presented on a daily basis.

I really thought that I was much more resilient than this and if those politicians on the “right’ think we should just all toughen up and deal with it then they are obviously coming from a privileged white middle class male space, where they have not had to deal head on with hate speech, divisive comments and so much more.

As we are more and more connected through social media it is hard to miss the negative messages that seem to seep into even the filtered content.  It really is disheartening to see the misinformation and outright lies that are being peddled to try and get people to vote to stop two people who love each other from getting married.

Of course that is because if they just talked about that people would not engage, instead they have to wrap their arguments up in safe schools, children, ‘stolen generations’, religious freedom and so much more.  It fascinates me that we have to dress something so simple up in complex, confusing lies.

As is said in my previous post we need to remember that we are all human beings and we all deserve respect, thoughtful discussion and a sense of fairness when coming to the decision on which way we want to vote.  I may not agree with people who want to vote no but I will never attack them for that right.  We are a democracy and as flawed as this whole process is, I wish for a more measured, fair and respectful debate!

My partner and I, after 35 years together, may not choose to get married when it finally becomes legal for us to do so, but we will always fight for the right for other same sex couples to get married because at the end of the day it is all about equality and nothing more!yes

I would like to say that I could ‘toughen up princess’, but the daily attacks and negatives have started to have an affect on me, and other people around me, so I am quite happy that I am leaving for annual leave on Monday for 3 weeks so that I can have a rest from this debate for a while and hopefully come back with some of that resilience restored so I can continue to talk, listen and engage with people on why a YES vote is so important.


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