Love Wins- but what a journey!

I am filled with such mixed emotions today now that we have Marriage Equality finally…it has been such a long road and the end result is an amazing one we must never forget how damaging this has been for so many in the LGBTQI community. Putting our community through a postal vote and making this issue one for people that have no vested interest in who I marry was demoralizing and degrading for many.

This has been a long and at times terribly negative few months that bought up memories that I had thought that I had moved on from with early days of coming out and homophobia that still exists today…add to that the smug Liberals touting the historic win and how they had made this happen and how positive it really was, when in fact we saw so much hate, sadness and anxiety throughout the community.

Why did we have to spend over $100 million to get this result when all other issues the need to be legislated on get dealt with by the people that we have elected to deal with them.

It also fascinates me that after saying he would vote with the will of his constituents and after a resounding 75% voted yes, Tony Abbott made a quick exit yesterday when the final vote occurred.  Even after he had spent most of the day supporting all of the stalling tactics of ridiculous amendments that were being presented by the right wing of the party.  In the end he did not have the guts to do what he said he would do, and after this survey was thrust on us by him and his right wing cronies.

I am so pleased and proud that I now have the chance to marry my love and partner of the last 35 years when and if we choose to but I want to also remember all those who have not survived to see this happen…we must remember that this has been a long, hard fight and whilst we celebrate we need to honor and support all those in the community that have struggled through the last months..there has been damage done.

Today we celebrate and rejoice but always remember the history of what it has taken to get us here! xxxx

#loveislove #marriageequality


One of the photos halfway through the campaign with gorgeous friends and 2 of my beautiful grandsons.

One thought on “Love Wins- but what a journey!

  1. Politically, I consider myself as a Constitutionalist/Libertarian kind of guy. Those idiots who claim that the U.S. Supreme Court’s ruling that some bans on same-sex marriage are Unconstitutional would be seen as an attempt to redefine marriage have not read the Dictionary. Marriage is defined as an interpersonal union.

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