This blog is the work of me, Mark David Reid, and features my thoughts, comments, feelings and musings on 3 of my favourite subjects – fashion, food and travel.  From time to time there will also be my musing on other topics that take my interest, and I hope yours too.

I currently work as the Fundraising, Events and Media Co-ordinator at the WA AIDS Council where I have worked for the past 18 years.  I work primarily on a range of events to raise funds for the council, with the major one being STYLEAID – an event that has evolved into being the number 1 fashion fundraising event in Perth.

As you will be able to tell I have a passion for fashion, especially interesting men’s wear that pushes the boundaries, shoes for men that are again more than just what everyone is wearing and then there is travel and food…

Travelling is one of those things that I can’t seem to get enough of and I want to share with you the different experiences that I have on the trips that I take and what happens along the way.

And then there is food…when I first left school at the age of 15 I worked as an apprentice chef in a fabulous restaurant in Melbourne called Gordon House and it was here that I really started to realise that food was another passion of mine and I love to explore new restaurants as well as revisiting those that have become favourites because to stay fresh and relevant a menu needs to evolve and change to reflect the available produce and the mastery of those in the kitchen doing the cooking.

So I hope you will join me on this continuing journey through some of the things that I am passionate about and I look forward to your comments and thoughts along the way!



4 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Mark David, it’s great to meet you! Your blog header looks delicious. 🙂 I imagine you have lots of good company in people who adore fashion, food, and travel – enjoy socializing with the online community! Thank you for choosing to follow one of my blogs (http://smilekiddo.wordpress.com) – I really appreciate it!

  2. Hello Mark – enjoying your site and reviews. I would like to email you some details about food and wine events – could you email me your details? Thanks

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