Being someone who was originally from Melbourne I think I got the love of wearing black from there!  But I have found it hard to find really interesting and exciting menswear here in Perth…we seem to be a very conservative state when it comes to menswear and the clothes that we will wear.

When I travel, which you know is something that I love, I am always fascinated by the different styles and attitudes to fashion that exist outside of little old Perth.  I tend to buy most of my clothes from over East (Melbourne, Australia mainly or in Asia or Europe when I travel there – which is as often as possible) because there is more of a freedom and a willingness to experiment with form, flow, construction and design than what seems to exist here in Perth.

I do not want to seem to be complaining but I am just stating the obvious, you just have to walk down the street, attend a play, go to an opening to see the same old suiting, shirts and lack of imagination in what guys here seem to want to wear.

After being involved with STYLEAID ( ) for the past 16 years I have come to appreciate how difficult it is for menswear designers here in Perth to get any traction in the market place and if you have a real flair for design and incorporate a range of different elements, fabrics and styles into your ranges I have seen a few of these designers falter and be unable to sell their ranges locally, or they have ended up making the transition to the eastern states or overseas because it has been too hard here in Perth to make a living from designing interesting menswear.

That is not to say that things are not slowly changing and it is my hope that it will continue to evolve…we have the amazing Shane Newton who designs the menswear label Zsadar who always explores and experiments with form, fit. construction, fabrics and patterns in a way that no one else does.  He is a true visionary and I hope that his amazing clothing gets the recognition and the market placing that it deserves.

I have been an avid follower of his clothes since his first range went down the runway at STYLEAID and the evolution that his designs have taken is truly inspirational.  I have also chosen to wear his clothes when travelling overseas and this year wore three of his amazing pieces at STYLEAID which were stand outs for me.



As you can see it was not what you would call a safe option but one that I loved and was very thrilled to be able to wear, from the shirt with the extra long bias cut front to the silk long sleeveless coat and the floor length black cape that was matched with a hot necklace from Generics and some great boots from Zu (more on shoes in many more posts to come I think) this was an outfit that really stood out.

I understand safety and not wanting to stand out, goodness knows I have had those moments as well, but I really like the individuality that can exist when choosing what clothes to wear and perhaps sometimes pushing the boundaries.

I am hoping that on my blog I will be able to discuss and showcase my thoughts on clothes for me as well as the amazing fashion that already exists in Perth for women and some of the designers who have been doing some great ranges that have a real cross over/androgynous appeal and can be worn by both  men and women – like the label NikkiLoueza

So stay tuned to my journey through fabulousness and the fashion that pushes my buttons…

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