Food is a staple of all of our existences, really I am not starting here with something that we all know…but for me it has been part of my life journey that began when I left school at 15 to become an apprentice chef, as I mentioned in an earlier post.  Working in a big restaurant kitchen for 3 years really opened my eyes to some amazing food – it was a French based restaurant with some truly amazing chefs who I was honored to work under like Jackie Frenow and Amanda Young.

This shaped my love for exploring food, deconstructing a menu to find the things that I would really enjoy and to be able to get into the kitchen to create interesting and different dishes myself and whilst I do not spend lots of time cooking any more I do take great pleasure in venturing out into restaurants both here in Perth and also wherever we happen to be travelling.

I am not always keen to be dining in top end establishments but love to eat locally where the ingredients are fresh and just as much time, effort and love is put into a dish to get it ready to serve to me at my table.  Realistically it is also safe to say unless I win lotto tomorrow then top end restaurants is not on my radar every night or every week for that matter.  Dining here in Perth can sometimes be a hit and miss affair but I have found some truly interesting and exciting places to head to.

I also spend lots of my time when on holidays looking for delightful places to go and eat.

You will find my critiques, thoughts. feelings and musings on the places that I head to and the experiences that I have.


A recent gorgeous last course at the W in Seminyak to whet your appetite!

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