One of my passions in life is to travel and to see as much of the world and experience as many different cultures as I can in one lifetime!

I have been blessed to have been able to do much travel in my life so far and whilst I will not dwell on where I have been I will be looking at my most recent trip and then the ones I have coming up in this section of my blog.

If you have had a chance to read my previous entry about my recent food experiences in Bali then you know that my first travel post will be all about this amazing destination that is such a short trip from those of us here in Perth who want to get away for a reasonably inexpensive holiday.

For a number of years I felt that Bali had done its dash for me but what I have found in the last 3 years is that it once again has lifted its game and become a really interesting, fun, relaxing, chaotic, tranquil destination that can offer anyone who would like to venture there any or all of these things.

I have stayed in villas, 5 star hotels, 3 bedroom unites, a penthouse suite in a hotel and a studio apartment on different visits to Bali.  Each option has been for different reasons, whether it was taking extended family on a trip and wanting to have a kid friendly environment to be in or to go to a specific gay owned and run accommodation option to really get away from it all.

Recently my partner and I had the good fortune to stay at Zen For Men in Seminyak which is located right next door to the W hotel and right near the Seminyak beach.  Perfect location, perfect hosts and an intimate sized studio that really encouraged relaxation and a sense of being away from the rest of the hustle and bustle that sometimes abounds in Bali.

Our hosts Cam and Finbar, ( and their hard working staff) could not do enough to make our stay memorable from the very beginning.  The rooms are each individually decorated with a  color theme that adds something special to the décor and the outdoor area for dining and lazing by the pool is beautifully appointed.

zen 1

zen 2

The location was just perfect for us as every morning we could take a long walk on the beach and head to the Grocer and Grind for some great coffee and to catch up on the news from home on our iPads and the Australian newspapers. Then it was a stroll back to ZEN for breakfast and the chance to decided whether to walk down to the beach and read our books, go and have a massage, a manicure or maybe even a facial before deciding which restaurant to head to for lunch or if we should eat at Panthai on the beach and  head out in the evening to one of the money stunning restaurants located in and around Seminyak.

After a few hectic months in Perth this was a perfect chance for us to really chill out and spend some time recharging the batteries.  ZEN was the perfect location for this and it was not in the price range that would break the bank.  With only 4 rooms in the villa this was a great size and enabled us to get to know and converse with the other guests and feel like we were all connecting and sharing our experiences both locally and about the country we had travelled from.  We had the chance to meet guys from Belgium, Tokyo, Sydney, Hobart  and Amsterdam whilst we were there and each of them were interesting and added to the experience of staying at ZEN.

As I said before our hosts Cam and FInbar looked after us and had much local knowledge to recommend places to eat, the best places to get a massage, the best way to get around and to organise transport for the times when we did not want to walk.  I would highly recommend a  stay here if your are a man of course, and being gay is probably a good idea but not a pre requisite as you will really enjoy yourself.

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